Hibiscus Drop In (small)

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Hibiscus with spike outdoor arrangement.

*Choose your flower colour.

**Available to purchase as a "drop-in" for your own pot.

***”Drop-in” measures 26” H x 21” W.

 This item is UV protected and has the ability to withstand damaging effects of UV rays better than similar unprotected faux plants.

CARE AND STORAGE – If used outdoors, do not leave out over the winter. Store clean and dry out of the sunlight to extend product life. Plant material can be cleaned by submerging in a large basin or rinsing thoroughly with a garden hose.

PLEASE NOTE – We cannot offer a guarantee on the life expectancy of this product. Conditions beyond our control such as prolonged exposure to full sun, high winds, proximity to chlorinated pools or fountains, pet urine, or chemicals such as fertilizer, can all affect the longevity of the plants.

*Although this product looks real, it is in fact faux (artificial).