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Hosting Season is Here!

Can you believe it’s October already!? Tricks, treats, and haunted houses await! But before we get to the pumpkin craving and costume making, we gather together to celebrate family and the harvest season. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the pressures of hosting are settling in. We

The Gift of Greens

Summertime brings us fun, sun, and countless reasons to celebrate! But sometimes those blue-skies and warm days make it difficult to get into the gift giving spirit. With countless birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and backyard barbecues, summer gift giving is no small feat! This summer gift


Wedding season is here and summer parties are in the works! Unfortunately, most event spaces lack personality, and in the throws of all your planning you likely forgot about greenery. Though easily forgotten, this lack of life in your space is definitely noticeable. Nothing

Hanging Baskets: 2019 Collection

  Our long awaited hanging baskets are finally here! These April showers will soon be over, and May flowers are popping up everywhere. Hanging baskets are an amazing way to spruce up your home, quick and easy! This year we have one of the largest selections

4 Tips To Ring In Spring

Despite the chill that still lingers in the air, spring has sprung and the season of cleaning is here! We all know spring cleaning is a daunting task, so as you declutter this season take some time to welcome spring! There’s a lot that makes your

Succulents: Real vs. Fake

I’m sure all my fellow plant killers out there will agree that contrary to popular belief, succulents aren’t invincible. So if you want the same look with less maintenance, or maybe you struggle to keep anything alive that isn’t yourself, then why not go with

8 Ways to Decorate With Greenery

1. Hangin’ Around Take your decorating to new heights… Literally! Hanging plants are a great way to finish off a space; drawing the eye up and making your space look much larger in the process. Whether it’s a hanging planter or a macramé piece, this

Living Walls

Author: Sara Bertens   Oh won’t you just grow up already? It’s a term I’m sure we’ve all heard a few times over the years.  Who would’ve thought that it would one day become an actual trend? That’s right

Tips for Outdoor Faux Flowers

Author:  Sara Bertens   How glorious it is to finally feel the warmth of the sunshine, and see those summer flowers bloom!  It has been a long time coming and certainly much needed. It’s the time of year where you’re antsy to go out to the gardens and

Spring Has Sprung…Maybe?

Author: Sara Bertens I have to say; for once that damn groundhog was actually right.  But now that April is upon us and the sun is shining brighter and longer each day (and the snow is slowly melting away!) it’s time to brush off the winter