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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Author: Sara Bertens

Imagine this…you’re sitting on your back deck with a cold beverage in your hand soaking up the warm sun.  When you look around you, your greenery is lush and your flowers are in full bloom.  It’s only May, and you hardly had to lift a finger.  You’ve already caught your neighbours gazing over the fence in envy, their expressions screaming “how can this be?!”.  You my friend, don’t have to spend countless hours this summer watering, pruning and re-planting this summer.  You get to sit back and enjoy your garden that is always in full bloom, no matter what the weather brings.  You are an artificial ally, a friend of faux and you’re already done.

If you split your time between a cottage/trailer and home, artificial outdoor greenery and plants are also ideal because they are so low maintenance.  You don’t have to pay anyone to water or take care of them while you’re away, and once you find the time to get up there, you can simply relax and enjoy your company and surroundings!

Outdoor faux plants are also fantastic where growing conditions aren’t overly ideal.  Whether you get too much sun, not enough sun, or if you don’t have any garden space at all you can still brighten the area with some artificial plants and flowers.  One of the emerging trends we’re seeing right now are balcony planters.  They are simple, visually pleasing, and can really spruce up a railing, without taking up much space.

Take back your precious time! See what a difference faux flowers can make in your outdoor spaces.