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The Gift of Greens

The Gift of Greens

Summertime brings us fun, sun, and countless reasons to celebrate! But sometimes those blue-skies and warm days make it difficult to get into the gift giving spirit. With countless birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and backyard barbecues, summer gift giving is no small feat! This summer gift guide includes gifts for every age, price range, and occasion. So without any further ado, here’s some great last minute gift ideas for your next summer celebration…




Summertime opens up all sorts of unique gift ideas for birthdays, one of which is plants! A small house plant is something you don't often think to buy for yourself, which makes it a nearly perfect gift. Why is it nearly perfect? Well, because no one really wants to be given a responsibility as a gift. Live plants come with all sorts of tasks and challenges. They’re messy, difficult, and to be honest, just plain needy! Who wants to be worried about a house plant when they’re on vacation, or thinking about watering while they’re poolside. A faux plant brings all the beauty of a plant without the obligation. A truly perfect gift!


You of course should never show up to a housewarming party empty handed, but finding that perfect gift can be tricky! You want to buy something that's considerate, aesthetically pleasing, useful, and most importantly, something these new homeowners will actually enjoy! Moving to a new home is often very stressful, so why not give a gift that sparks excitement and relieves stress.

One of the best parts of moving is the blank slate! A whole new home to explore, decorate, and make your own. Bringing plants and trees into a space gives life and a ‘homelike’ feeling like nothing else, but decorating, even with greens, is a personal and often very daunting task. Gift certificates are the perfect solution to this. It’s an excuse for someone to treat themselves and their home to something they otherwise may not purchase. And at Greens Galore, we make the buying process easy! Gift certificates can be made out in any amount and when it comes time to shop, we will be here to give guidance.


Summer Weddings

The typical wedding gift ideas are overdone and often boring. This wedding season, why not give something unique! Here at Greens Galore, we love creating custom arrangements for our customers. We can even make something up in your very own vessel. Just come in with your pot, vase, or planter and let us take care of the rest! We can work together to create something one of a kind. A special something for their special day!

Barbecue Celebrations

Don’t show up empty handed! A good-old backyard bash is a staple summer activity, and hosting is a big job. As a guest, why not come bearing gifts! A normal host/hostess gift may be something like a centerpiece, or a bottle of wine. But for a backyard bbq, why not bring something more fitting. A flowering hanging basket or outdoor arrangement is the perfect addition to any backyard party. And the best part is, you’ve just given a gift that will last long after the party dies.