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Wedding season is here and summer parties are in the works! Unfortunately, most event spaces lack personality, and in the throws of all your planning you likely forgot about greenery. Though easily forgotten, this lack of life in your space is definitely noticeable. Nothing pulls a room together quite like a plant or tree; bringing life and warmth to a space, it’s the perfect finishing touch.

Create a welcoming environment for your guests without the hassle of real or the commitment of faux. We have several trees designated for rental purposes only, and designed to be as simple and easy as possible for your event day. Fully assembled, and ready to go! From Areca Palms to Fiddle Leaf Figs, these high quality faux trees range in size from three feet all the way up to ten feet.

Whether you’re looking to jazz up a classy ballroom, or round out that boho vibe, we have something faux that will give you life! Because after all, a space should be as lively as the party within it!

So, let's chat! Give us a call, or check out our Rental page to see the trees we have available.