Mixing Faux and Real

Author: Sara Bertens

You heard it here first folks. You CAN and are ENCOURAGED to mix live greenery and other plants with its faux counterpart. You can wow the socks off your family and friends (and most importantly those pesky neighbours) by using faux plants in spots that don’t have the right recipe to grow real plants, or they can hugely enhance what you already have—like good makeup—but for your plants! A perfect example of doing this is with an orchid. I got suckered into buying a ginormous beautiful, blossoming phalaenopsis orchid from the grocery store two weeks ago (for the hundredth time). I swear I followed all the rules but without fail, within a few weeks I was left looking at a lonesome, flowerless stick. I must say though, it left me with the most luscious green leaf you ever did see! And why let that go to waste? So I brought home a faux orchid stem to replace it and it is now a glorious mix between real and faux.
Another great example is mixing your ivies and other greenery in different pots (or in the same one! To really throw them off!). Not all types of plants can grow in all conditions, and on the other hand not all rooms in your home can be the ideal growing spot for all plants. It actually enhances the quality of the faux when you mix with real as it makes it more difficult to spot the “imposter”. And finally, if you just simply don’t have the space to let ivies run freely in all their glory, it’s time to go faux! They keep their shape and you will never have to take the time to prune them, it’s a win-win!