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Living Walls

Living Walls

Author: Sara Bertens


Oh won’t you just grow up already? It’s a term I’m sure we’ve all heard a few times over the years.  Who would’ve thought that it would one day become an actual trend? That’s right...I’m talking about vertical gardening. Where you can do all the growing up you’d like...the sky (or ceiling!) is the limit.  The great thing about living walls is the convenience factor.  They are extremely versatile, and can take up as little or as much space as you’d like.  They can take on any shape or size, and can go literally anywhere! If you have a limited amount of space, it’s a great way to bring the outdoors in.  Any office, apartment, restaurant or any form of living space can benefit from a living wall. Even a balcony or fence can be spruced up with a vertical garden.  They are a very organic form of artwork...they can constantly change whether they’re real or faux.  When they’re faux, you have a lot more freedom to adjust and add or swap out pieces as the seasons change.  A vertical garden is certainly not limited to greenery either.  A floral wall can bring life to a dull room, or make for a stellar backdrop at a wedding or other event.  Even something as simple as boxwood can create a crisp, clean modern look.  If you prefer more complexity, succulents, ferns, ivies and other greenery can be added to create a variety of different textures.

Interested in creating your own green wall? Check out our in-store example for inspiration.  Green walls...a growing trend!