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How to Hygge

How to Hygge

Author: Sara Bertens

Get Hygge for the Holidays! (hue-guh)

No idea what that means? Neither did I, nor did I even know how to pronounce it until recently! Picture this…the snow is blowing outside, but you’re inside by the fireside with a nice book, fuzzy socks, a cozy blanket and a warm cup of tea.  Your beautiful Christmas tree is glowing in the background and the lovely scent of “Festivus” is being diffused through the air. Feel that? Ahhh…that’s the sweet serenity of the holidays!!

Ok, not all holidays can be that relaxing, but can we agree it’s something we strive for? That’s what hygge is all about… those cozy, charming special moments that warm your heart and make you feel all ooey gooey inside! It’s making yourself present in the moment, and appreciating the little things in life. It’s also about reviving your spirit with whatever makes you happy.   Arguably, hygge is different for every single person and that’s what makes it so unique and hard to explain.

What helps you hygge? We have lots of inspiration in store!