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Colour of the Year

Colour of the Year

Greenery.  It’s like the little black dress of the colour goes with everything.  It can fade into the background, or can be the showpiece in a room.  It is the most beautiful and visually captivating neutral of all. It brings forth feelings of serenity, calmness and at the same time it’s a breath of fresh air. With all the turmoil going on in the world right now, I think we all could use a little tranquility in our lives.  That’s why Pantone chose to make greenery the 2017 colour of the year.

The best way to incorporate this fresh colour into your home isn’t by laying out your drop sheets and buying a gallon of paint for your latest and greatest accent wall...instead, grab a hammer, put up some boards and create your own artificial plant wall! You can customize which plants you display, as well as build upon it as your tastes change. Best of all, there’s no risk of dirt (or water) ruining the rest of your design plan because artificial doesn’t require any of that jazz.  If installation art is not quite your cup of problem!  Whether your decorating tastes are more traditional, or you prefer something with modern flair, I guarantee you there is an artificial plant for that! And the best part is truly their lack of maintenance.  Bringing lush, rich, vibrant greenery into your home enhances the space and makes it much more enjoyable to spend time in.  Something simple like a mixed arrangement on the coffee table, or a larger tree in the corner brightens the space and reminds you of those warm sunny summer days when everything is in season.

Artificial plants give you the freedom to have all the beautiful benefits that real plants have, without all the dang fuss. It doesn’t matter how much light they get, or the fact that you’re infamous for never watering a single plant you’ve ever owned...artificial is always in full bloom.  And you don’t have to lift a finger.