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8 Ways to Decorate With Greenery

8 Ways to Decorate With Greenery

1. Hangin’ Around

Take your decorating to new heights… Literally! Hanging plants are a great way to finish off a space; drawing the eye up and making your space look much larger in the process. Whether it’s a hanging planter or a macramé piece, this new addition is sure to have you looking up!

2. Small But Mighty

Dull office? Boring bathroom? Empty entryway? Try spicing things up with smaller greenery in those small but important spaces. No sunlight, no problem! With faux plants the options are endless!

3. Large And In Charge

Large trees are a fantastic way to establish a focal point in your space or fill up that dreaded empty corner. Our beautifully crafted, lifelike faux trees eliminate the hassle and will last you years! You wont have to lift a finger; no more watering and worrying about leaky pots or mischievous pets. Just sit back and enjoy your newly transformed space!

4. Not So Living Walls

Talk about bringing the outdoor in! Living walls are all the rage right now, but why bother with the work that comes with vertical gardening when you can have something just as beautiful without any maintenance at all! If like us, your thumb isn’t as green as it once was, a ‘not so living’ wall (made up of all faux plants) could be just what the doctor ordered!

5. 3’s Company

When in doubt, make it three! Like plants but not sure how to incorporate them into your space? You’ve probably heard of the “Rule Of Three” in decorating, well the same can be said for adding greens.

6. Faux Floral

Add some flower-power to your life! Flowers can work wonders to add that pop of colour or compliment the colours already at work in your space. Faux flowers are a great option because like a piece of art or furniture, they’ll last you through the years.

7. Magnificently Minimal

Instead of using a whole plant, why not try just a spray or branch for that minimal and chic look you’ve always wanted. With faux pieces, place your new addition anywhere and you wont need to worry about wilting or watering. Get that minimal look with minimal effort!

8. Terrarium Transformation

Creating your own terrarium is a fantastic DIY project to quickly liven up your side table, counter top, or coffee table. They’re a breeze to put together and with faux plants you can add anything you want! Just a clear glass vase and some of your favourite air plants, succulents, or greens. Finish it off with some moss or river rocks and your bare side table is transformed!