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4 Tips To Ring In Spring

4 Tips To Ring In Spring

Despite the chill that still lingers in the air, spring has sprung and the season of cleaning is here!

We all know spring cleaning is a daunting task, so as you declutter this season take some time to welcome spring! There’s a lot that makes your house a home, and the greenery and plants you own are definitely an important aspect often forgotten. So from us to you, here are four simple tips to freshen up your home and help you ring in spring!

  1. Clean

Okay, yes number one is cleaning, but even your faux plants need some TLC every once and awhile. Winter may be gone, but it definitely left some dust behind! Cleaning your faux plants and trees yearly is a great habit to develop, and now is the time. Our Silk Plant Cleaner is a simple and easy option — though if you’re not up to the task yourself, you can always bring your arrangements by the store to be cleaned and reshaped.


  1. Add

No more cold; out with the old! Much like leaving Christmas lights up too long, neglecting your outdoor planters and winter arrangements can be a huge eyesore heading into this warmer weather. Get that fresh spring feeling by adding some much needed colour! Faux tulips, daisies, and daffodils are just some of the many great spring additions that can easily be added to existing arrangements. Even adding a simple spring wreath to the front door can give your home that fresh spring feeling.


  1. Move

If there were ever a time to reorganize, it’s now. We all know spring is often a time of cleaning and freshening, but why not do some redesigning as well! Moving furniture and restyling your home around the things you already own is a quick and easy way to make your space feel new again. Just don’t forget to pack away those winter decorations and add some new finishing touches. Centerpieces and desktop plants are quick and refreshing additions, and nothing says spring quite like bringing the outdoor in!


  1. Enjoy

Throw open those windows and breathe in that warm breeze! Your cleaning is finished and it’s time to enjoy the wonders of spring. One of the many great things about faux plants is the little maintenance required to keep them looking beautiful. So feel free to forget! Get outside and let yourself get lost in the sunny days and warm nights to come. The freedom of faux can certainly help you head into your next adventure with a spring in your step!