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Greens Galore

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Author: Sara Bertens The time of year is coming where we dig through our closets and pull out our warmest, fluffiest sweaters, best plaid scarves and our fashionable tall boots and walk around with a Pumpkin Spice Latte to help keep us cozy and comfortable as...

Summer Gift Guide

Author: Sara Bertens Summer is officially here, which means longer days, higher temperatures, and more time spent outside.  This time of year also brings with it a social calendar over flowing with showers, birthdays, weddings, parties… you name it! Have you ever noticed it seems you...

Oh Canada!

Author: Sara Bertens No one throws a party like good ol’ Canadians do.  Have you noticed we’ve basically been celebrating Canada 150 since Canada 149? Just drive around and you will see a multitude of red and white adorning homes, city centres and small towns alike. ...

The Great Outdoors

Author: Sara Bertens Imagine this…you’re sitting on your back deck with a cold beverage in your hand soaking up the warm sun.  When you look around you, your greenery is lush and your flowers are in full bloom.  It’s only May, and you hardly had to...

Spring Cleaning

Author: Sara Bertens Spring cleaning—you either love it or you dread every single second of it.  If you have kids, you can usually bribe them to do your bidding with a later curfew or chocolate (and the jokes on them because really you bought it for...

Mixing Faux and Real

Author: Sara Bertens THIS JUST IN!! MIXING REAL AND FAUX NOT ACTUALLY A FAUX PAS! You heard it here first folks. You CAN and are ENCOURAGED to mix live greenery and other plants with its faux counterpart. You can wow the socks off your family and friends...

Colour of the Year

Author: Sara Bertens Greenery.  It’s like the little black dress of the colour world...