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About Us

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Who We Are

A Bit About Us

Greens Galore has been fooling even the best of gardeners for over 38 years with their dedication to supplying southwestern Ontario with nothing but the finest quality faux greenery and flowers.

With early beginnings of home parties and soon after a storefront, Greens Galore since then has branched out into on-site greenery installations at many restaurants, homes, and places of business, along with care & maintenance programs to make sure your faux plants stay in tip-top shape.

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We Take Pride In Our Team



Sharon Graat

Sharon began working at Greens Galore in the fall of 2003. With a diploma in interior design, she has always had a knack for finding the perfect piece to bring it all together. Aside from making arrangements for the showroom floor, working on-site and decorating, Sharon takes care of a lot of the “behind-the-scenes” operational work too, ensuring that orders are filled, bills are paid, paycheques are signed…the list goes on!


Sofia Callipari

Sofia joined the team in the spring of 2004. She quickly picked up on the art of artificial, and never looked back! Sofia serves as a scout, going out and acquiring new business prospects, but she also spends a lot of time on the road giving consultations, doing on-site work and decorating at Christmas time. She also deals with design, bringing fresh ideas into the showroom to stay one step ahead of the trends.

Debbie Nolet

Debbie began in December of 2015 and continues to perfect her technique as the resident tree hugger! Ok, well she may not hug the trees but she does take great care to ensure that they are steamed and shaped perfectly to achieve the most life-like look. Debbie also takes care of the storefront, ensuring that all our customers’ needs are met, which she accomplishes with ease as she has more than 30 years experience in customer service.

Madison Bell

Madison came to us in October 2018, joining the team as a secondary in-store team member. Her artistic flare and natural eye for design made her the perfect new addition to an already outstanding team. Madison brought with her a new and fresh outlook, which quickly lent itself to other aspects of the business. After 10 months of full-time in-store work, Madison stepped back to pursue other avenues, staying on board part-time as our resident internet wiz! She now manages our social media from home, assists with marketing and maintains our online blog. But don’t worry, you’ll still often see her lovely face popping in and out of the showroom from time to time.

Sara Bertens

Sara began part-time in August of 2011 and picked up all the tricks of the trade over four years while she was finishing up her post-secondary education. She recently rejoined the team as the resident creative writer, providing monthly blogs and any odd writing jobs as needed.

Quality artificial
Plants and trees

The intricate detail, texture and color of each leaf, petal or stem contributes to the appeal of our products and speaks volumes about the unsurpassed quality of every item in our stores.

We Create
Custom Arrangements

All plants can be altered or custom built to suit any decor or space. You can use your own planters or shop from our large selection of in stock, quality containers and accessories.

Founded In
January 1979

Greens Galore was founded in January 1979 as an importer and wholesaler of artificial plants and florals. Our mission is to provide our clients with a totally satisfying experience.