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Plant Trends for 2018

Plant Trends for 2018

Author: Sara Bertens

Big, small, bold, bright, smooth, textured… these are all things we constantly search for when it comes to decorating our homes.  Did you know these are all things you should strive for with your plants too?  Check out the top four plant trends for 2018!


Colour: Flowers aren’t the only option anymore when it comes to adding a pop of colour to your room, and surely you don’t need another throw pillow! There is a wide variety of greenery that provides anything from subtle to daring pops of colour.  The nice thing too is that the accent colour can be easily changed from season to season, whereas you’re stuck a little more long term with an accent wall! Check out our sansevieria, calathea, and spider plant for inspiration.






Pattern: Symmetry has gone by the wayside as more organic patterns have taken over (think curves, scrolls, vines, flowers, etc).  It is recommended to use at least three patterns in a room, and how simple would it be to have greenery as one of those options?  We recommend alocasia and snake grass to bring in some different patterns from nature.





Texture: This is where you can really have fun playing around with different options to see what works best for your space. Feeling chic?  Go for something with a smooth, silky texture.  Feeling eclectic? Add something prickly or spiky like a cactus for added flair.  The sky is the limit here!






Size: You don’t always have to “go big or go home”, sometimes more is less! If you have the space, a large leaf plant such as the traveller palm and fiddle leaf all help to fill void spaces in a room and help to complete the look. Trees and leafy bushes come in all different heights and widths so don’t hesitate to test the waters.




How does your plant game stand up?  We have hundreds of different ideas to help you achieve your decorating dreams!