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Greens Galore | Summer Gift Guide
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Summer Gift Guide

Summer Gift Guide

Author: Sara Bertens

Summer is officially here, which means longer days, higher temperatures, and more time spent outside.  This time of year also brings with it a social calendar over flowing with showers, birthdays, weddings, parties… you name it! Have you ever noticed it seems you hit a certain turning point in our adult life and now feel obliged to bring a hostess gift?  In some instances, we have no choice in the matter.  Our presence presumes presents! (say that ten times fast). No matter what event you’re (stuck) going to this year, we have created a Greens Galore Gift Guide for your one stop shopping!


Backyard BBQ’s
Probably the favourite event out of them all.  This usually calls for a casual afternoon with delicious finger foods poolside.  Our recommended gifts? Check out our tea towels and real wood charcuterie boards…you can bring one loaded up with cheese and sausages for the party and gift the board to the host!





Weddings and Wedding Showers
No one wants to sit around and watch the bride-to-be open yet another bamboo spatula set and see the “surprised” look on her face when she literally gave you a list of things to buy.  Give her a true surprise with a faux tree to fill a space in her room or better yet a beautiful piece of wall art…we have a very unique, one-of-a-kind selection!







Keep it simple, we have jewelry! From Ivy & Oak necklaces, EleSense aromatherapy bracelets and Liberty & Love earrings…we’ve got you stylishly covered.






Baby Showers
Let’s be real… the mama-to-be has the hardest job of all growing a tiny human inside of her.  Give a gift that she can enjoy in the final weeks before baby arrives! We have a vast array of candles, soaps, diffusers, and loose-leaf teas to help keep her at ease!





And last but not least…if a gift isn’t in the budget, stop in and see our lovely collection of cards.  Sometimes a little bit of thanks is all you need to give!