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Greens Galore | Oh Canada!
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Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Author: Sara Bertens

No one throws a party like good ol’ Canadians do.  Have you noticed we’ve basically been celebrating Canada 150 since Canada 149? Just drive around and you will see a multitude of red and white adorning homes, city centres and small towns alike.  I have never felt more Canadian than I have this year (and that’s partially because I’ve never consumed so much maple flavoured EVERYTHING before!).  And when you think about it…how strange is it that we so strongly associate our identity with boiled down goo from a tree?   But anyways…it is certainly something to note that nationwide we have thousands upon thousands of events planned, even after the “big day” to continue to celebrate our great nation.  It truly amazes me how small towns and big cities are banding together to make sure there are events for everyone to attend.  Of course, there’s an app for that too!  Download “Passport 2017” to see what local events are going on, no matter where your travels take you!

Even Canada is helping us celebrate Canada with things like free passes to Canadian National Parks, and the “all-you-can-travel” cross-Canada tickets Via Rail offered to our youth for $150.  In true Canadian fashion, we have been encouraged to explore and appreciate our nation’s natural beauty and learn more about our history.  This Canada Day, make it count.  Get outside and enjoy Canada in all her glory.  Be proud of your roots and all of the great things we so often take for granted. And don’t forget to stop and smell the strategically planted red & white roses!

How do you plan on celebrating this Canada Day?