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Spring Cleaning - Greens Galore
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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Author: Sara Bertens

Spring cleaning—you either love it or you dread every single second of it.  If you have kids, you can usually bribe them to do your bidding with a later curfew or chocolate (and the jokes on them because really you bought it for 70% off after Easter!).  Either way, it’s got to get done at some point.  If you’re anything like me, I have to have a list.  It’s mostly to enjoy the satisfaction of finally being able to cross off an item, but only then to be reminded of what’s left to do.  It’s a love-hate relationship.

One of the too often forgotten about items in your home that need regular cleaning are your faux plants, trees and greenery.  Just because you don’t have to water them, doesn’t mean they don’t need a little TLC every once in a while!  Just think of your internal reaction when you go to a restaurant and see their artificial plants caked in dust.  Heaven forbid your mother-in-law have the same reaction to the plants in your home!!  We have created a little list to help you decide which category your faux friends fall in to.

#1 – Not too Shabby: This is the ideal stage.  There might be a light coating, but for the most part they’re pretty clean.  When they’re in this stage, they should come clean quite easily with little effort.  If you have large trees, you can either take them out of the pot and put them in the shower, or you can take them outside and hose them off (don’t forget to cover the pot as best you can to avoid getting bark chips wet).  Let them air dry completely before putting them back and they should be back to like-new condition.  Same can be done with smaller mixed arrangements.  An additional option would be to purchase the cans of compressed air (like you use to clean out your keyboard).

#2 – Just Needs Some Elbow Grease: These plants are not completely caked in dust, but need more work than just a rinse.  In this case, what we do is mix water with one capful of vinegar in a small spray bottle, spray down the whole thing and wipe each leaf.  We recommend using an old pair of fleece gloves to wipe, but you can also put a pair of (clean!) socks on your hands to wipe them down, or you can use a small towel/handcloth.  If you’re cleaning inside, don’t forget to put a cover on the floor or on any furniture near it to keep the smell of vinegar to a minimum!

#3 – Starting to get Questionable: This is the phase where your house guests begin to judge your cleaning skills!  There’s a pretty solid layer of dust on there, and even after wiping them down they still seem pretty lack luster and have remnants of dust.  This is when we strongly recommend using the artificial plant cleaner that we have in store.  It is a great product that restores the shine back to your plants, and requires very little effort.  All you have to do is spray your greenery down, and let it drip dry.  That’s it! It is also an excellent idea if you don’t have much time to clean, or don’t feel like going over every single inch of the plant! It is quick, simple, and painless.  Be sure to cover the floor or any near furniture if doing inside as it may leave a glossy residue.

#4 – Call the Professionals! If you can’t tell whether or not it’s a frosted ivy, then it’s time to call in the big guns.  We offer cleaning services,  or you are welcome to bring them into the store and we will clean and reshape them for a small fee.

One last thing…we have been doing this for quite some time, so if you need any tips, pointers, best practices, or motivation, just give us a call and we will gladly give any advice you need!